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How To Install Android Games

How To Install Android Games With Data or Obb Folder?

Lots of people don’t know about obb or data files. And how to install Android games with it. In my many Android games uploads I have so many comments about that, like ‘the game is not opening or after opening the games it says “download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

So here I am, to teach you how to do that correctly.

What is Obb or Data file?

OBB or Data file is a file that developers create along with some APK packages to support the application. The OBB or Data files contain bundles of large assets. These files carry encrypted data including media and graphics that is not included in the APK file. Most of the HD games have data folder and some games have obb file.If you are installing games from google playstore then it will automatically install the whole game with data or obb file. But if you are downloading apk, data cache, obb separately then you have to copy those files/folder manually on your phone.

Where I put the OBB or Data file?

Before start, You have to sure about few things…

—->External SD Card should be your default storage, If its not then set it as your default storage. For that goto Setting > Device Storage > **Select SD Card as your default storage **
Or you can use phone memory as your default storage.

—->If the Obb or Data file is zipped or rared then unzip/extract(Use ES or 7Zipper) the downloaded OBB or Data file in your mobile or PC or laptop.
**The unzip/extract file will be a folder. And inside that folder, there will be a obb file.Exp:com.whateverit.is(Folder name)—>main.wgateveritis.obb(Obb file)**

1.First you need to install the APK file on your android phone.

2.1.For Data File
Copy the ‘Data’ folder and place it into the given path:

External SD Card(default storage) > Android > Data > **paste the folder here**

**If you cannot find the data folder into Android folder, you can create a new folder manually.**

2.2.For Obb File
Copy the OBB folder and place it in the given path here:

External SD Card(default storage) > Android > obb > **paste the folder here**

**If you cannot find the obb folder into Android folder, you can create a new folder manually.**

3.Run the Game and Enjoy.

Even Now Game not running ??

Even after placing data folder/obb files, game is asking to download additional data, that doesn’t mean you have to download data again, that means game is asking for first time verification check to run, so let the data verify from internet wifi on your phone. Some games from Gameloft, Rockstar games or EA games has a specific folder of data so you have to make sure where the data folder is created and paste your folder there.

That’s all.I hope it will be a little help. If you have any question feel free to ask here. Screen Shots will be added.


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